State Scholarship

State Scholarship

A state scholarship is a separate category of scholarship under which the list of scholarships offered by the governments of 29 states of India and private organizations of the respective states has been included. Here, through the following table, you can get information about scholarships being given by the respective state government and private organizations of 29 states of India.

Whether you are a resident of any state, speak any language, even if you are related to a particular caste, class and gender, in the list given below, you can get the information of specific scholarship according to your state. Whatever you are related to, for which you are searching for scholarship, this table will help you in choosing the right scholarship for the bright future ahead of you.

Browse for a comprehensive collection of all states of India like: UP Scholarship, Andhra Pradesh (AP) Scholarship, Bihar Scholarship, Delhi Scholarship, Madhya Pradesh Scholarship, Odisha Scholarship, Punjab Scholarship, Rajasthan Scholarship, Telangana Scholarship etc.

  • Scholarships for Andhra Pradesh
  • Scholarships for Arunachal Pradesh
  • Scholarships for Assam
  • Scholarships for Bihar
  • Scholarships for Chhattisgarh
  • Scholarships for Chandigarh
  • Scholarships for Delhi
  • Scholarships for Gujarat
  • Scholarships for Goa
  • Scholarships for Haryana
  • Scholarships for Himachal Pradesh
  • Scholarships for Jammu Kashmir
  • Scholarships for Jharkhand
  • Scholarships for Kerala
  • Scholarships for Karnataka
  • Scholarships for Madhya Pradesh
  • Scholarships for Manipur
  • Scholarships for Meghalaya
  • Scholarships for Mizoram
  • Scholarships for Nagaland
  • Scholarships for Odisha
  • Scholarships for Punjab
  • Scholarships for Rajasthan
  • Scholarships for Sikkim
  • Scholarships for Telangana
  • Scholarships for Tamil Nadu
  • Scholarships for Tripura
  • Scholarships for Uttarakhand
  • Scholarships for Uttar Pradesh
  • Scholarships for West Bengal

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State Scholarship – QnA

What is a state scholarship?

A state scholarship refers to a scholarship under which only a specific state student applies the terms of availing that scholarship. It can be financed by the state or run by a private institution. You can explore wide range of scholarship through the above given table.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for state scholarship?

The terms and conditions for availing private or government funded scholarship under any state may vary from state to state. In all these scholarships, there is one important condition that applies to all the scholarships, that it is mandatory for the student to be a permanent resident of that state.

Where can a student apply for a state scholarship?

The process of applying for each state scholarship varies from one state to another. Online portals are launched to apply for scholarships run by private institutions, while some state governments also run their respective scholarship portals. In addition, applications are invited for some scholarships in offline mode as well.

Can a resident of another state apply for scholarship in another state?

No, no student can avail private or government funded scholarship of any other state.

If a UP student is studying in Bihar, can he apply for UP scholarship?

Yes, of course if a student who is a permanent resident of UP is studying in Bihar, then he / she is eligible to apply for UP scholarship in case his / her eligibility is fulfilled.

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